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Amanda Bynes ‘angry over casino photo’

Amanda Bynes was outraged when she thought a man had taken a photo of her and began chasing him around demanding he deleted it.

The American actress has continued her campaign of wild behaviour, which has seen her arrested for drugs and slam celebrities such as Rihanna on Twitter.

She was in a casino in Atlantic City on Friday, where she became unhappy with a member of public taking her photo. Bobby Cohen and his son Brett were at the Revel casino to celebrate Father's Day and were astounded to see Amanda racing through the lobby in the platinum blonde wig she has become renowned for.

"She ran into the lobby alone looking totally frazzled with a load of shopping bags and a bag to carry a dog. She tried to get into the elevator, but then came out again, so my dad thought he’d try and take a picture," Brett told New York Post.

"Amanda saw him and lunged at Dad trying to grab the phone, saying, ‘Sir, you can’t take a picture of me, give me the phone.’ She kept saying it over and over again until she was screaming."

Amanda started chasing Bobby around the venue and eventually tried to grab his phone out of his hands. In the end security guards helped ease the situation, with the father and son leaving unscathed.

"Amanda seemed pretty freaked out and flustered. What she didn’t know was that Dad didn’t even get a picture of her, he missed and took a picture of the floor," Brett laughed.

The 27-year-old star spent Saturday evening playing slot machines at the venue. She had a dog with her and was spotted in a white dress she had forgotten to remove the store tags from.

Amanda has regularly branded other celebrities 'ugly' on Twitter, with American Pie star Jason Biggs the latest victim of the insult.

After telling her followers that if they aren't "hot" she doesn't care about them, the star received a tweet from Jason which angered her.

"This self-hatred really must stop, Amanda," he wrote.

Amanda responded by calling him ugly.

Last week, a Hollywood agent who is good friends with the star claimed she had admitted faking her troubled behaviour.

"All this has been an act and you know it! I am an actress and know what I am doing," she texted Jonathan Jaxson.

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