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Amanda Bynes ‘combative’ in mental institution

Amanda Bynes’ mental health remains unstable despite reports she was responding well to psychiatric medication.

The 27-year-old actress is currently being observed by mental health professionals under a 5150 involuntary hold after she ignited a gasoline fire in a California driveway.

It is rumoured doctors believe she is likely suffering from schizophrenia. Although it was recently reported that Amanda is responding well to medications issued to her to treat the condition, apparently this speculation is completely incorrect.

“That sadly isn’t true. It’s just too soon for anyone to say that,” an insider told Radar Online.

“Amanda has been combative, argumentative and angry that she is being held against her will at the facility. It can take weeks or even months for a patient to become therapeutic on the medications because everyone reacts differently.”

On Thursday a legal hearing is taking place to address whether or not she should be released.

Last week a judge granted a request to extend Amanda’s psychiatric hold from the standard 72 hours to a full two weeks at the behest of physicians.

Apparently doctors are still “steadfastly against” releasing Amanda from care.

“Amanda wants out of the psych ward and is hopeful that a judge will agree to let her out during a hearing on Thursday,” the insider detailed.

“It’s highly unlikely the judge will release Amanda today against her doctor’s wishes. Amanda still hasn’t been formally diagnosed, though, it’s likely she is suffering from schizophrenia.”

TMZ also reports Amanda’s efforts will likely prove to be unsuccessful. The judge needs to be completely convinced that the troubled star will voluntarily take her medication, and that the cocktail of drugs will work long-term.

It is rumoured her mother Lynn, who is vying for conservatorship, isn’t too optimistic about Amanda being responsible with her psych meds.

“Amanda has agreed to get treatment in the past, but then doesn’t follow-up,” a source told Radar previously.

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