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Amanda Bynes ‘definitely on something’

A stylist at Amanda Bynes’ New York City hair salon “feels sorry” for the star and insists the actress’ mother needs to rescue her before she goes off the deep end.

On Tuesday the former TV actress got her hair done at a boutique in Queens.

Amanda has been mired in controversy of late, as it is suspected her mental health is rapidly degenerating. She has posted a series of bizarre tweets recently, broke down in tears at a gymnastics class while wearing a garish wig and was seen talking to herself at the fitness establishment moments later.

While dying her hair blonde, Amanda apparently had her sunglasses on throughout virtually the entire four-hour process.

After the beauty session was over, stylists called police to stand outside the door as Amanda exited the premises.

“I feel sorry for her,” the stylist told Radar Online.

“I don’t know what she was on exactly, but she was definitely on something.”

The salon employee implores for someone to intervene.

It was clear to the stylist that Amanda needs help.

“It’s really sad. I feel bad for her,” the hairstylist said.

“Her mother needs to come and find her, and save her.”

A family member recently told In Touch magazine her loved ones view Amanda’s alleged breakdown as “tragic”.

Apparently they are doing anything everything they can to reach out to her, but Amanda refuses to accept their assistance.

“She’s completely resisting any help that her family wants to give her,” the source said.

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