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Amanda Bynes denied freedom

Amanda Bynes has been ordered to remain in a psychiatric hospital by a judge.

The troubled actress appeared in front of a judge on Thursday while still on hold at a facility.

However her bid for a released was shut down after she was deemed unable to care for herself, reports TMZ.

The star has been kept on lockdown for over a week now and her lawyer was unable to convince the judge of her ability to cope in the outside world.

Amanda was put on a 5150 psychiatric hold 10 days ago following an incident where she started a fire in the driveway of a house in the Los Angeles, California area.

Although she was only required to be looked after and assessed for three days, medical experts asked a judge to keep her inside for an additional two weeks for analysis.

Apparently a legal expert argues that she was not a danger to others when she appeared for an update on her mental health.

Recent reports suggest she is responding well to a variety of medication to treat her supposed illness.

Some people close to the situation worry she may show signs of being schizophrenic.

Despite her admission to hospital, Amanda reportedly does not accept that she may have a mental illness.

Therefore doctors think she is unlikely to take the required medication if she is allowed out on her own.

It is thought her mother Lynn, who is vying for conservatorship, isn’t optimistic about her being responsible with her prescription drugs too.

“Amanda has agreed to get treatment in the past, but then doesn’t follow-up,” a source told Radar previously.

The 27-year-old reportedly remains “argumentative and angry” in her current situation.

She first sparked concerns for her health after some hit-and-run incidents last year and a series of worrying tweets.

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