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Monday 21 April 2014

Amanda Bynes ‘kicked off private jet’

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes reportedly asked a pilot to google her as she failed to produce identification before boarding a private jet.

The 27-year-old troubled star has sparked concerns for her well-being after behaving erratically in recent months. Much of her social media activity on Twitter has given rise to speculation she may be mentally ill or abusing drugs.

It has now been claimed that Amanda's bizarre moods are continuing after she attempted to get on a private flight at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey at the weekend.

According to TMZ, Amanda arrived at the private jet terminal on Sunday to take a flight to Los Angeles.

When the pilot asked passengers to present their identification before boarding the plane, Amanda said her driver's license had been suspended and she had no other form of ID to show.

"We're told the pilot informed Bynes she needed a form of government ID to fly - per TSA regulations - and she then ordered him to Google her as proof, screaming, 'I'm Amanda Bynes!'" reports the website.

The pilot attempted to resolve the situation by contacting the private jet company to see if they could make an exception for the star. However, a representative for the company insisted that passengers are not permitted to fly without identification.

Amanda hasn't had an easy time of late.

She has accused tabloids of purposely distorting her image and landed in trouble with the law after being caught driving with a suspended licence in September last year. In February Amanda was reportedly asked to move out of her apartment after receiving an eviction threat and she was branded a "building nuisance" after neighbours complained about marijuana smoke wafting from her apartment “morning, noon and night”.

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