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Amanda Bynes' 'parents give up conservatorship'

Amanda Bynes' parents have reportedly agreed they are not the best people to act as her conservators.

The 28-year-old actress was released from a psychiatric hospital last week, where she'd received treatment after being placed under an involuntary hold. While she was being cared for, her mother and father Lynn and Rick went to court for a conservatorship order, which put them in charge of all decisions relating to her.

Since leaving hospital Amanda has gone on a number of Twitter rants about the legislation, insisting it is uncalled for and that her parents aren't giving her enough to live on.

According to TMZ, Lynn and Rick have now decided the arrangement is not working. It's claimed they will lodge legal papers within the next few days which will see the conservatorship handed to another person. It's likely a mental health professional will take the reins; with the site suggesting the person will probably have a lot of experience dealing with people who have "severe mental illness".

It's thought a money manager will be used to make all decisions about Amanda's finances.

On top of that, Lynn and Rick have reportedly decided they need a completely fresh start. At the moment they live in Thousand Oaks, California, but now are thought to want to relocate to Texas, which is where another of their children lives.

Apparently, the couple hope this will go some way to repair their fractured relationship with Amanda.

She has made a number of claims against her parents over the last month. Her troubles started when she was arrested for DUI at the end of September, and at that time Rick admitted neither he nor Lynn had any idea where she was. Amanda then jetted from the West Coast to New York City, where she was accused of shoplifting and scratching a woman. She then used Twitter to allege Rick had sexually abused her, later detracting the claims and saying a microchip implanted in her brain made her say them. It was at this point that she was placed under a 5150 hold, used when people are deemed a danger to themselves or others.

Earlier this week Amanda again took to the social networking site, this time announcing she suffers from bipolar disorder and manic depression. She stated attending regular psychologist and psychiatrist appointments would mean she could get the conservatorship lifted, adding she is "so mad" at her parents.

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