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Amanda Seyfried: Aaron’s like an ex

Amanda Seyfried has come to think of Aaron Paul as an ex-boyfriend after they played lovers on screen at various times.

Although the pair have never hooked up in real life, their on screen dalliances have led 28-year-old Amanda to think of Aaron as a past love.

They sizzled on TV screens in Big Love and are now rekindling their film romance for Fathers and Daughters, which also co-stars Russell Crowe.

"I was so, so excited when he signed on. We played lovers for a bunch of years on and off, so he feels like an ex-boyfriend," Amanda giggled to ET Canada.

And like a real ex-lover, Aaron spurned Amanda's sentiment when he revealed that it was the script, not the actress, that excited him.

"I read it before knowing who was involved. I thought it was just so honest, pure and just genuine - I had to jump at the chance," Aaron explained.

On the subject of romance, Breaking Bad star Aaron opened up about his recent nuptials with Lauren Parsekian. The pair wed in May last year and are already looking to the future and the possibility of children.

"We always talk about kids, I love kids, you know I have 15 nieces and nephews and one more on the way," he smiled. "I think it would be a disservice if Lauren wasn't able to be a mother those kids would be so unbelievably lucky to be able to call Lauren their mom. But not just yet. We definitely have that plan for sure.”

While Aaron enjoys wedded bliss, Amanda has something else on her mind. She's happily dating fellow actor Justin Long, but it's a possible film reunion that she's getting excited about. With constant speculation that there will be a follow up to 2004's Mean Girls, co-starring Lindsay Lohan, Amanda says she'd definitely be on board.

"I can't imagine it working out but it would be nice. I mean I'd love to do that but I know everybody is kinda busy," she admitted.

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