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Amanda Seyfried: I never hide my emotions

Amanda Seyfried can't think of anything more frustrating than being dishonest in relationship.

The Mean Girls star has been dating fellow actor Justin Long since October 2013 and they have a very strong bond with one another. One of her top relationship rules is never to withhold her emotions.

"It's very frustrating when you don't talk about your feelings and just live alongside one another," she explained to German magazine Cosmopolitan. "I never want that to happen to me. Because we are both actors, Justin and I spend long periods of time apart. Long periods of absence hurt and are the perfect breeding place for uncertainty and anger. That's why I have one important rule: be considerate of one another. That means I have to think hard about the jobs I accept. If I want my relationship to work, I have to do something about it."

One of the projects she did take on was theatre production The Way We Get By. It was a very risqué piece and meant Amanda had to conquer her fear of public speaking.

"I kept asking myself, 'What were you thinking?!'" she laughed. "The nude scene, which was all about oral sex, didn't really bother me. But standing on stage in front of hundreds of people and having to stay in the moment that whole time... I still can't believe I managed it!"

Amanda turns 30 in December and conquering her fear was once of the goals she had set herself for the milestone age.

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