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Amanda Seyfried: I'm always with Justin

Amanda Seyfried admits that she and Justin Long don't do many exciting things.

The actress has been dating the Jeepers Creepers star since October 2013 and they're frequently spotted out and about with her dog Finn. Despite constantly hanging out, she admits the couple rarely do anything exciting.

“We do everything together. But, we don’t do much,” she mused to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. “We walk my dog. And we have, we make these smoothies in the morning, they’re called ‘Greenies.’ He got me onto that. Super healthy. And then we watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.”

The 28-year-old Mean Girls star treated herself to her first vacation in five years recently. She, Justin and two friends decided to hit Florida for a beach holiday.

"I just don't wanna leave my dog; you wanna stay at home and relax," she answered when asked why she hadn't had a break for so long.

"But sometimes it's nice to leave home and sit at the beach. Florida is closer than I thought and super easy to get to. I always thought of it as a faraway land because I hadn't been there since I was five."

As well as relaxing, the group made time for some activities. However, they had a bit of a shock when it came to the local wildlife.

"The thing we do every night, we would paddleboard out and watch the sunset and we saw some dolphins," Amanda recalled.

"At first I thought it was a shark and I was like, 'Wait, check the fin!' and my boyfriend was like, 'I see the blowhole!' so it was fine."

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