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Amanda Seyfried: Maturity matters

Amanda Seyfried has realised it's time for her to make mature decisions.

The 29-year-old actress started her career in 1999, when she was barely a teenager. She's worked hard to ensure growing up in the spotlight wasn't detrimental to her, but recently the star's realised she's not quite as adjusted as she initially thought.

"I have to behave like a grown up. And as hard as it is and as tough as it… as intimidating as that is, I realise it's the only way to be, it’s the only direction," she told Fox411. "It's the only way your life is going to work, you have to be mature, and you have to make mature decisions and you have to think of other people, and you have to be responsible. And you know what? My life is better for it."

That said, Amanda is aware she's more grounded than many in her position. Although she didn't mention any names, she admits seeing how problematic early fame can be first hand.

"I actually think it's a detriment to growing up for certain people. Certain actors stay kids forever because they're treated like it," she explained. "And you just can't stand for that, when people sometimes… people treating you like a kid, you're just going to like kind of stay that way if you're not careful. I'm only speaking from experience, so I realise it's really important to stake your claim in the adult world."

Amanda's new movie is called While We're Young and co-stars Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts and Adam Driver. It's about a middle aged couple who become close to a pair who are younger than them, with the couple in their 20s obsessed with things from a bygone era. Among those are vinyl records and VHS tapes, with Amanda insisting she doesn't have that in common with her character.

"I mean, I'm 29 and that was my childhood. That was the way things were until I was in my teens. So I don't want to preserve that sh*t, it’s not doing me any favors," she said.

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