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Amanda Seyfried organised dead animal photo

Amanda Seyfried has recalled gathering her taxidermy collection for a special photoshoot in her Los Angeles home.

The actress has previously revealed her fascination with taxidermy and she proudly displays her bizarre but beautiful pieces throughout her Los Angeles home. Amanda decided to pay tribute to her impressive collection by gathering all the items together for a special photoshoot.

“Yes! My favourite is Anton, my stuffed miniature horse. When I was last in LA, my sister took a photo of me with my ‘animals’, on the sofa surrounded by dead horses, foxes and rabbits,” she told the latest UK edition of Elle magazine.

When it was suggested she had tried to recreate a scene from the classic Snow White tale, but with dead animals, Amanda laughed and replied: “Yes, that was the look I was after!”

The27-year-old blonde shot to fame playing a kooky student in Mean Girls. Amanda always stood out from the crowd when she was at school.

“Eccentric and impulsive,” she said when asked how her pals would describe her. “My school friends always thought I was pretty weird, which I guess I am. But they appreciate that now we’re adults.”

Since Mean Girls, Amanda has become a huge star in Hollywood and spent a lot of time in London while shooting the musical movie Les Misérables. She loves being in the UK city and has many favourite haunts from the time when she dated actor Dominic Cooper.

Amanda still feels attached to London and has a special bond with her driver there.

“It’s like another home. I had a long relationship here, so it’s familiar. I hate leaving,” she explained, before revealing what she does when she visits the city. “I have tea at Claridge’s. My driver is like my father, we’re really close – I use his name as my alias if needed – so we have tea together after he’s picked me up from the airport.”

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