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Amanda Seyfried takes Hartnett love public

Amanda Seyfried and Josh Hartnett have taken their relationship public.

It had been rumoured for a while that the pair were dating but were being careful about being seen out together.

But the pair threw caution to the wind and went grocery shopping in Hollywood together over the weekend.

Amanda, 26, and Josh, 33, were pictured going to Trader Joe's where they bought yogurt, tortilla chips, cereal, juice and bread.

Us Weekly reports that the couple have been an item since January but only now feel comfortable about letting the world know they are together.

The pair were seen with friends at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood recently where they were affectionate with each other.

"[Amanda] sat in Josh's lap with her arm around him, and took his knit hat, placing it on her head as she looked at him," an eyewitness told the publication.

"Josh seemed considerate and Amanda really seemed to be loving the attention and looks he gave her."

The Mamma Mia star has dated Dominic Cooper, Ryan Phillippe and Alexander Skarsgård in the past.

She told Glamour UK last year what she can't stand in men she dates.

"Poor hygiene is an absolute no-no," she said. "They have to shower once or twice daily at least. Oh, and I could never be with someone who treats his mother like s**t, or a guy who waxes his chest."

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