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Amanda Seyfried: We need to talk about mental health

Amanda Seyfried says people don't need to have something "chemically wrong" with their brains to suffer from psychological issues.

The 29-year-old actress has been dominating the silver screen since her role as ditzy Karen Smith in 2004 teen flick Mean Girls.

But her fame hasn't taken away her personal problems and Amanda makes regular visits to a therapist to help ease her anxiety. She urges people in a similar mind frame to seek aid and not feel embarrassed.

"It's coping with life. I've been told not to talk about it, but anxiety is so very common," she explained to the British edition of Marie Claire. "I just think, you go to your doctor about heart problems, or an eye doctor if you have an infection, you have to take care of yourself. Mental health is so segregated, it sucks."

Amanda has been open about her emotional battles in the past and the world witnessed her nerves when she got drunk before appearing on David Letterman's talk show in 2012 to promote Les Misérables.

She insists that people shouldn't have to justify why they are suffering from psychological issues, and that it can come about even if you are healthy physically.

"You don't necessarily have to have something chemically wrong with your brain to have mental health issues," she stated.

Amanda can currently be seen on stage in Neil LaBute’s The Way We Get By, in which she plays a woman who sleeps with someone she's just met after getting drunk at a wedding. It was a little too close to home for the blonde beauty, but she still agreed to take on the part in the off-Broadway play.

“There’s a layer of insecurity that this brings out, of course, but I am trying to throw it away,” she recently told Vogue.

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