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Amanda Seyfried's pet pooch is her everything

Amanda Seyfried says there's no competition between her boyfriend and her dog.

The actress' pooch Finn is almost as popular as her, and Amanda's friend has even set up a Twitter account for the pet, garnering more than 13,000 followers.

It's some stiff competition for Justin, who has been dating the 29-year-old Ted 2 star since 2013. However, it sounds like he's just as smitten with furry Finn.

"No, Justin's just as besotted!" Amanda laughed to the German edition of Cosmopolitan when asked if there's any rivalry between the two men in her life. "But - and I know this might sound crazy - I think Finn and I are soul mates. He gives me this pure, unconditional love and is the only one who really grounds me."

And while she loves Justin, 37, at least as much as her dog, wedding bells aren't on the horizon. Even the fact that her sister Jennifer is getting hitched hasn't inspired the star.

"I think it's incredibly romantic to make that sort of commitment and I'm very much looking forward to my sister's wedding. I just want her to be happy. But it doesn't fit into my life," she admitted.

"Aged five I was constantly drawing pictures of my dream wedding dress and I got 'married' to my cousin on a weekly basis. These days it's the ceremony that puts me off. Thanks to my job, I'm constantly in the spotlight anyway. And you don't need a marriage certificate to have a family."

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