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Amber Heard ‘not hiding anything’

Amber Heard didn’t feel that she needed to hide her bisexuality from the public.

The 27-year-old Paranoia actress is currently dating her Rum Diaries co-star Johnny Depp.

Before romancing Johnny, Amber was with photographer Tasya van Ree from 2008 to 2011.

Amber has been open about her love for both men and women in the past and she has no qualms about coming out with her bisexuality.

“I didn’t want to look like I was hiding anything,” she told America’s Elle magazine. “I’m not, and wasn’t ever, ashamed.”

It is rumoured that Amber’s relationship with Johnny is getting more serious by the second, with speculation the pair may even get married soon.

The actress doesn’t see herself stepping into the traditional role of wife in the future.

“I don’t imagine myself, my work, or my life, fitting into any kind of standardised path,” she explained.

“In fact, the idea of there even being a standard freaks me out a lot.”

Amber is known for playing a wide range of tough female characters onscreen.

The stunning thespian consciously aims for depicting powerful women.

“I try to play characters who are somehow empowered or strong,” she said.

“People want to put me in a wedding dress and make me the object of affection, but I’d much rather shoot the gun and save the world.”

Amber has previously spoken about her efforts to remain a normal person.

She avoids celebrity hangouts and prefers running her own errands over engaging in Hollywood shenanigans.

“It’s not part of my professional life. I want to be an artist. I don’t want to be a celebrity,” she told Flare magazine recently. “You can find pictures of me [on the Internet] pumping gas, picking up dry cleaning, walking my dog, but nowhere are you going to find pictures of me hanging around at some nightclub.”

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