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America Ferrera: My 20s were hard

America Ferrera always looked forward to turning 30 over any other milestone birthday.

The actress rose to fame as the titular character in hit ABC comedy-drama Ugly Betty. While success came to her in her mid 20s, the 31-year-old admits the decade wasn’t all positive.

“My twenties were great, but they were hard. You want to get past the learning curve and then have fun,” she told “I feel like I'm already having more fun in life in this decade than in the past one. It's funny, 30 was always the age I wanted to be. I didn't look forward to 16 or 21 or even 25. I was like: 30. I assumed by then I would be fully formed and comfortable in my skin and in my body, and I'd know who I was.”

America has moved on to roles in hit movies including animated film How to Train Your Dragon and its sequel as well as branching out into producing. The star feels like the quality of work she is securing is also reflective of the stage she is at in her life right now.

“As an actor, I felt like that's when they really start writing good stuff for women,” she added.

America wasn’t the only star that the outlet asked about being 30. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, it spoke to a number of famous faces including Olivia Wilde, Taylor Schilling and Anna Kendrick.

The Into the Woods actress turned 30 earlier this month and as she’s aged, she’s tried to be better at seizing the moments that come her way.

“I got some terrible advice when I was really young, which was not to have a backup plan. I had this singularity of focus. I never considered doing something else,” she said. “When I was getting ready to perform at the Oscars, I ran into James Corden and I told him how nervous I was and he said, ‘you have to enjoy yourself because the 13-year-old you would punch yourself if you didn't.' I try to keep that in mind."

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