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Amused actor Christian Bale

Christian Bale struggles to keep a straight face during filming.

The 39-year-old actor is known for his serious appearance in movies such as American Psycho and The Dark Knight.

However, Christian insists it isn't always the case and he often finds himself laughing during inappropriate moments.

"I tend to stay in character between scenes... to be rather serious on set, but here's why, and I think people will find it surprising," he mused to

"I'm one of the worst 'corpses' on a movie set, which means you can't keep a straight face. You start to get the giggles and you can't stop. I never want to step out of a scene and be objective, because as soon as I do, I find it hilarious."

One of the reasons people may think he is a stern actor is because of his angry outburst at a crew member during filming of his 2009 movie Terminator Salvation.

Christian still regrets his harsh words and worries how his work ethic was perceived in light of it.

"It was not the way to behave. It was wrong, end of story. I desire not to be that person who would behave in that fashion. It was less about embarrassing myself because I actually have a strange kind of enjoyment of humiliation," he sighed.

"It was more about recognising that I never want to know anything about the actors I watch. The more you're out there and known for things like that, the less [audiences] can enjoy your performance."

Christian can next be seen as con man Irving Rosenfeld alongside Bradley Cooper in drama movie American Hustle.

The British actor wanted Bradley, who plays an FBI agent, to have authority over him so he altered his height to achieve this.

"I would hunker down and physically try to make myself much shorter than Bradley, and communicate how Irv resented that," Christian revealed.

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