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Amy Adams ‘addicted to phone’

Amy Adams confesses she uses her phone a little more often than she probably should.

The 39-year-old actress stars opposite Joaquin Phoenix in critically acclaimed 2013 film Her, which sees the protagonist fall desperately in love with an intelligent computer operating system.

Amy easily identifies with people’s attachment to their machines, as she couldn’t dream of being without her smartphone.

"I'm addicted to my phone, yeah," she confessed to ET Online.

However, the star isn’t sure whether it is entirely healthy to use phones as often as she does.

Amy is convinced modern society’s attachment to technology has permanently altered communication.

"Right now, people have virtual relationships – it's with real people, but it's still a virtual relationship,” she mused.

“So much of business is done virtually, it's hard to connect with people and talk with them, so everything's about perception, and I think we're alienating ourselves from human interaction."

Amy has previously spoken about how she chooses to personally interact with other people.

While she prides herself on being well-mannered and kind, she revealed there are times when her personality reveals a darker side.

"That whole thing about being polite and cheerful, these are qualities that are instilled in Mormon women. I feel a real consequence when I hurt somebody," she explained to British newspaper The Telegraph recently.

"The horrible thing is, there are people that I would love to eviscerate and I just know I would get no joy out of it. In the moment it would feel really good and then I would just feel awful."

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