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Amy Adams’ lipgloss lip lock

Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence had to "get a hold" of themselves while shooting a kissing scene for American Hustle.

The actresses are currently promoting their new movie American Hustle, in which their characters lock lips in one scene. Amy has joked that the pair got so carried away during the smooch, they ended up with make-up all over their faces.

"[I heard Jennifer laughing] so I look in the mirror and see what she's laughing at. It looks like I've fallen asleep with a popsicle and it's melted all over me; a lot of very wet lip-gloss all over my face," she laughed to British newspaper The Telegraph. "So we toned that down and we got a hold of ourselves and did it again."

American Hustle is directed by David O. Russell, who previously worked with Jennifer on Silver Linings Playbook.

Amy collaborated with David on The Fighter and she is always confident that he will provide meaty roles for the ladies in his cast.

"He applies what could be considered male attributes to his female characters, and they sometimes have the biggest balls in his films," she told British newspaper The Daily Mail.

Amy also spoke about a memorable dance scene she shot with Bradley Cooper for American Hustle. The movie is set during the '70s, and the pair impress with their raunchy disco moves.

Amy admits she would love to go out dancing again with her co-star off-screen, but will never do so because "tongues would wag".

The 39-year-old star was raised in the Mormon church for the first decade of her life. At the start of her Hollywood career she was often cast as innocent and sweet characters, appearing in films including Enchanted.

While she prides herself on being well-mannered and kind, there are times when her personality reveals a darker side.

"That whole thing about being polite and cheerful, these are qualities that are instilled in Mormon women. I feel a real consequence when I hurt somebody," she explained to British newspaper The Telegraph. "The horrible thing is, there are people that I would love to eviscerate and I just know I would get no joy out of it. In the moment it would feel really good and then I would just feel awful."

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