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Wednesday 23 April 2014

Amy Adams reveals baseball fear

Amy Adams

Amy Adams had trouble portraying a baseball player in a movie because she was terrified "of getting hit in the face".

In Trouble with the Curve Amy portrays Mickey, who travels with her ageing baseball scout father as he tries to prove he can still spot a star. Mickey hits several pitches in the release, meaning Amy had to get to grips with a baseball bat.

It wasn't something she had any experience with and she admits being concerned she would make a grave error while on the field.

"Learning how to catch, how to pitch, how to swing, I worked with a coach. It was really empowering, because I've never been good at it. I realised I just was afraid of getting hit in the face with the ball. Wisely so, I guess, given that my current profession calls for people with intact faces," she laughed to British newspaper The Guardian.

Clint Eastwood plays Mickey's father Gus in the film and Amy was thrilled to work with the iconic American star. She was surprised by how "warm and generous" he was and instantly wanted to impress him.

The 38-year-old star is happy to admit she tried her hardest to make him laugh on set.

"I wasn't at all intimidated. When you could really make Clint laugh, he gets a really teethy laugh and it's so rewarding to get one of those. I always felt a certain sense of victory if I could get him to laugh like that," she recalled.

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