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Wednesday 27 August 2014

Amy Childs: TOWIE's set to last

Amy Childs says The Only Way Is Essex has not run out of steam and still has a strong fanbase

Amy Childs has said she doesn't think The Only Way Is Essex will be going off-air any time soon - despite the departure of several of its biggest stars.

The reality TV star quit the ITV2 show that shot her to fame in 2011 to pursue solo projects

Speaking at the Health Lottery champagne tea at Claridge's in London, Amy said she wasn't considering a return.

"I've been out of TOWIE for two years now. I'm just doing my own thing now and had my own TV show," she said.

"I've always said in five years' time, they can get us back together and we can have a laugh. Like The Big Reunion but it's the Big TOWIE Reunion."

TOWIE has lost several of its biggest stars in recent years, including Mark Wright, Amy Childs and Lauren Goodger.

Kirk Norcross recently followed in his father's footsteps by quitting the show.

But Amy said: "I still think it's a great show, people still watch it... It will continue for a long time - it's got the fans, the community."

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