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Amy Poehler: Awards shows are getting old

Amy Poehler thinks awards shows should be abolished in favour of something less time consuming.

The comedian and her good friend Tina Fey are gearing up to host the Golden Globe Awards in January, which will be the third and final time they do the honours.

The pair cemented their friendship by appearing on US sketch TV show Saturday Night Live, which is the kind of vibe they go for at the Globes.

"Oh, certainly not. I can't even tell you how little I'd thought about it. We treat it like SNL. The Golden Globes are fun because they're really weird and there's booze and round tables and it's TV and film people. But I have to say, I think awards shows should be done with now," she told British magazine Marie Claire.

"I think we should all just meet at the most famous person's house. Like, we should all just go to Julia Roberts' house and walk in a line and say, 'Good game,' and then have a nice brunch. And maybe someone takes a group picture. And that's a wrap."

Amy is promoting her new book Yes Please at the moment, which is a collection of essays about her life. The 43-year-old freely admits she's the happiest she's ever been at the moment, and wants people to believe her when she says things improve as you age.

"You know what you want, you're better at finding the right people, and I'd argue that getting older you gain these superhero powers. You can walk into a party and think, 'I gotta get out of here.' Or, you see another person across the room and think, 'That's the person I want to talk to.' In your twenties there's so much noise. Look at weddings in your twenties! There are 15 bridesmaids," she deadpanned.

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