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Amy Poehler: I stalk the Skarsgårds

Amy Poehler is determined to get Alexander Skarsgård and his family involved in her and her brother's new TV show about Sweden.

The actress has a reoccurring role in new TV show Welcome to Sweden, which was penned by her brother Greg. It is about his experience relocating from America to the Scandinavian country, and it has already won A-list praise, with comedian Will Ferrell also appearing.

"Will's Swedish is good - his wife is from Sweden! Now we're stalking the Skarsgårds. They're staying Skars-guarded right now, but we'll get them on the show," she joked to Us Weekly magazine.

True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård and his father Stellan famously hail from the country.

Amy and Greg have always been close and she was excited that the project would mean spending more time together. She can vividly remember when he told her he was upping sticks to Sweden, a decision he made because he was in love and wanted to follow his heart.

"I thought, 'My mother is going to lose her mind!' And she did. She lost it. But now it's become a second home," she explained.

Amy has two children with her estranged husband Will Arnett, Archie, five, and three-year-old Abel. At the moment she can't tell if they will follow the family route and get into acting or comedy as they have other concerns.

"Oh, gosh no! They're too little. It's just robots and Lego," she giggled.

Greg has previously echoed his sister's comments about them being close, admitting she was the one he wanted to impress the most when they were growing up.

"We were always trying to make each other laugh and I think we were both our harshest critics when it comes to that," he told "So I always knew if I could do something that made her laugh, that meant it was really funny and I could take that material to school and impress some of my friends."

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