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Amy Schumer: I'm not cut out for stardom

Amy Schumer has revealed how frustrating auditioning for movies is.

The US funnywoman has become the talk of tinsel town thanks to her new flick Trainwreck - but Amy isn't convinced that's what she wants.

"I don't know if I want to be in movies," she mused to Empire magazine.

Trainwreck, which had Judd Apatow at the helm, has received rave reviews since its release last month.

Prior to the project, 34-year-old Amy was best known for her sketch show Inside Amy Schumer. Trainwreck's on course to change her career though, and in recent months she's been offered numerous films - but has turned them all down.

"I want [the role] to be good. I don't want it to be like somebody's fat friend. It's like this: you read the script and it says, 'She's pretty, but not gorgeous; the funniest person in the room'. Then you go in and the casting director says, 'They LOVED you', then you call a week later and say, 'Have you heard anything?' and they say, 'No, but you're still in the mix!' Then you forget about it and that summer you see the role is being played by Jessica Biel," she explained.

Fans of her show will be glad to hear that the fourth series is slated for 2016, and even if she does continue to do movies, Amy has no plans to abandon the small screen.

"Everybody seems like [acting in movies] is the brass ring. But after doing one, I feel like, 'OK, I get that that's appealing,' but it's not like, 'Well, now I've done a movie I can't possibly go back to my stupid TV show'," she stated.

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