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Amy Schumer mortified by pal's JLaw request

Jennifer Lawrence was very cool around Amy Schumer's starstruck pals.

The comedy actress had fans in an uproar after photos of her on holiday with Jennifer surfaced online earlier this month. The pair have become close pals, so it made sense for Amy to invite the 24-year-old away when she went to New York's The Hamptons with her high school friends.

"Jennifer and I have become friends so she was like, 'Hey, I'm gonna be in New York tomorrow,' and I was like, 'Why don't you come here? We're going on a boat,' and she was like, 'OK!' And so she came, and my friends from high school were just freaking out. But they played it really cool," Amy told BBC Radio 1. "Accept my one friend Jess. Jess is like, 'Jennifer, I think I should be allowed to go to The Hunger Games premiere,' and we're like... one of my friends spat out her beer. [Jess] was like, 'I'm a fan, I've read all the books.' It was so humiliating. But Jennifer was very cool."

The duo were spotted having fun on jet skis, with Amy describing the bubbly star as "crazy" while on the water.

Although she managed to have a quick break, Amy is back to work now promoting her new movie Trainwreck. The film, also starring Bill Hader and Tilda Swinton, is out in the UK later this month and follows a woman who tries to get her head around meeting the man of her dreams.

"I'm a stand up [comedian] and on the road, it's half men and half women so I feel like it goes for the film too. It's been so fun, people sending me pictures of them seeing the movie and I re-tweet them cause it's a hilarious group," she laughed.

"No, [my character] doesn't have an interest in [love] at all. It's not 'cause she thinks she's too cool, she's just... she doesn't realise it, but yeah she's just so afraid of being hurt. She's just so sure that she'll be hurt that she doesn't even consider a relationship. She spreads herself pretty thin, she drinks a lot and sleeps around."

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