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Amy Schumer: Overexposure overwhelms

Amy Schumer thinks women are so used to sexism, they have accepted gender bias as part of a normal daily life.

The 34-year-old comedienne’s sketch comedy show Inside Amy Schumer has been airing on Comedy Central since 2013, but her star has risen exponentially in the past few months with the release of romcom Trainwreck in July, a movie she wrote and plays the lead in.

Amy hoped to be successful but the height of fame she has reached is proving to be scary at times.

“I know that's how things happen and I'm certainly glad that I haven't had this much exposure before. I don't think anyone's ever really ready for this amount of exposure,” she told BBC News.

"I won a critics' award the other night and I couldn't be there to accept it. So, one of my writers went and said, 'Amy couldn't be here, she's being treated for over-exposure'. I thought that was really funny.

"But it was never my dream; I was never trying to be here. This is so far beyond anything I ever saw for myself that it’s overwhelming."

Amy is using her new platform as a celebrity funnywoman to call attention to several important social issues.

Sexism is a big deal for her, as she is exposed to the practice often.

"I don't think that I face any more being a comedian. I think that all women face sexism every day whether it's buying coffee or walking into a grocery store, it's just part of our world. But whenever I'm met with any sexism I call it out,” she noted. “The most sexism I've faced is when I get off stage. I talk about sex, right now it makes up about 30 per cent of my act and I'll go on stage after a male comic who maybe talks about sex for 80 per cent of his act.

"The booker or promoter will say to me, 'Wow you're not afraid to talk about sex,' but they wouldn't say that to the guy and I would be looked at as easy but the guy wouldn't."

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