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Amy Schumer recalls date disasters

Amy Schumer thought it best not to include a real-life breakup moment in her movie Trainwreck.

The 34-year-old funnywoman has teamed up with her former SNL co-stars Vanessa Bayer and Bill Hader for comedy flick Trainwreck, which Amy wrote and Judd Apatow directed. It follows the actress' character, who goes by the same name, as she deals with her fear of commitment when a one-night stand becomes more.

Many of the movie's moments are based on Amy's own experiences and she was happy to share some odd encounters with men she's had in the past.

"Oh, a lot. Mostly all weird... I've had guys that were like, in the first week, 'My mom is coming in for lunch today,' and I'm like, 'No, I don't ever want to meet your mom,'" she grinned to Popsugar. "It's just guys like... Read the room! I've had guys reject me and I'm like, 'Oh yeah, totally. Good choice on your part, sir.' But if you kind of let a guy know that, that one date is gonna be our one date, they're like, 'What?' It really, really bruises their ego. And you have to deal with it."

Trainwreck is a twist on the classic rom-com, with the lead character avoiding love. Asked about her favourite films of the genre, Amy listed anything starring Meg Ryan, such as Sleepless in Seattle, and The Muppets. The second is because she feels she can relate to the dynamics of Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog.

Amy couldn't portray all the events in her life as they were though, with one scene a less harsh version of reality.

"There's one scene where my character, it's a scene with John Cena, when he [realises] I've been sleeping with other guys... I wasn't sleeping with other guys but I was starting to be interested in someone else, and my boyfriend at the time checked my email and I was really stoned when he asked me about it," she recalled. "You're supposed to comfort them and fight for the relationship, but I was just like, 'Can I leave?' I thought maybe about not putting that in..."

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