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Amy Schumer reveals Tom Hardy dream

Amy Schumer says her dream day would see her whisked away in a helicopter by Hollywood heartthrob Tom Hardy.

The 34-year-old comedienne and actress is currently believed to be single. However, Amy opened up about her dream partner in a new interview with America’s Glamour magazine, revealing which Hollywood heartthrob she has her eye on.

Asked to recount her perfect dream day, Amy replied: “I get picked up in a helicopter by whatever guy I'm into at the moment and/or Tom Hardy. Actually, I would be like, 'Tom Hardy, you're better than this. Why are you f**king me?'

“We fly around. Make out. Go home. Have sex. Watch a movie. He leaves; [my sister comes] over. We drink scotch and watch Orphan Black.”

Amy has previously been romantically linked to wrestler Dolph Ziggler and comedian Anthony Jeselnik.

But Amy added in the interview that becoming famous has done little to secure her a new relationship – in fact it has actually damaged her chances with the opposite sex.

“It’s hurt it,” Amy said of the impact fame has had on her dating life. “Now I have to wonder what people’s intentions are, and also people think that I have more sex than I do. But you know what? I made a decision. I’m gonna do this anyway. I’m gonna keep speaking up and creating all this work. I could have roped it in and hopefully found a mate. But I made a decision. And it does feel like sometimes it’s a sacrifice for my love life and social life. Hero alert!”

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