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Amy Schumer: Sex is hilarious

Amy Schumer thinks sex and comedy are a match made in heaven.

The actress wrote and stars in Trainwreck, which is based on her own life. In the comedy she runs viewers through several dating disasters, including some pretty candid sex scenes.

While some might cringe at highlighting such intimate subjects, the 34-year-old can't think of anything more suited to a funny film.

"Sex and humour just go together!" she laughed to the German edition of Glamour magazine. "Most people don't talk about it, but some seriously funny things happen during sex. At least they do when I have sex!

"I've probably slept with a couple dozen men, five of those were just average. The others I either had a lot of fun with or experienced some seriously strange things. I just used my own experiences to create funny scenes. The best stories come from real life!"

Amy doesn't just reference her romantic relationships in Trainwreck - she also draws from moments experienced with her father and sister. In the film, her dad is unwell and sadly passes away, but her own father didn't mind being inspiration.

"I showed him the scenes discussing his illness in advance," she explained. "But I cut the parts with his funeral."

When asked if she found it hard to show the darker sides to her family, Amy reasoned that everyone deals with tragedy and that it's OK to react with humour.

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