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Amy Schumer: Sex scenes made me bawl

Amy Schumer wasn't prepared for how funny she'd find one of her movie sex scenes.

The 34-year-old star plays Amy in the movie, with her character scared of commitment but forced to rethink things when her romantic life takes a turn.

In one scene the star had a passionate sequence with John Cena, who portrays her boyfriend of the moment Steven. Amy was nervous about it, but soon realised she had no reason to be.

"Trust me, this one was the least romantic, the least sexual of any sex scene I’ve ever done - simply because John was so hilarious ad libbing those lines to me, forced to ‘talk dirty’," she giggled to "He made me laugh so much, my make-up kept coming off, I was crying so hard from laughter."

Many stars claim sex scenes are the most unromantic sequences in movies because they are always shot in front of so many crew members. This was something Amy had been told before the cameras started rolling, but despite being in the industry for a while she didn't believe it.

"I’ve done sex scenes before, on my TV show and other times, and people always say, ‘Don’t worry’ - even though there are like 40 people standing around watching you do it. They always say, ‘It’s just technical, don’t worry,'" she deadpanned.

Trainwreck has an all-star cast, including Bill Hader and Tilda Swinton. The Oscar-winning actress plays a neurotic magazine editor and was so good in the role Amy kept forgetting it was her.

Other big names include basketball player LeBron James, who Amy thinks could be the breakout star of the flick.

"The scenes were he’s splitting the lunch check and showing how cheap he is - despite making zillions of dollars - I think are some of the funniest moments in the movie," she explained.

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