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Amy Winehouse's mom remembers singer

Janis Winehouse says her famous daughter Amy would always apologise to her for her actions.

The British singer died on July 23 2011 at the age of 27 following a long battle with drugs and alcohol. Now her mum Janis is releasing a memoir about her life and is grateful that she parted with her daughter on good terms.

"Thank God I said on that day 'I love you Amy' and she said 'I love you mommy,'" she revealed on British talk show Lorraine. "We were always loving, always. The good thing was I saw her the day before but it's who'd have known?"

Janis saw her daughter for the last time the day before she died. While she never could have predicted her Grammy-winning offspring would pass away so soon after, Janis had worried about Amy's health and problems for a long time.

"It was something that you have an awareness of; you know something's not right. But you don't know what. There's nothing you can do, you're watching it and as much as one would say don't do that Amy, Amy did it," she recalled. "It was upsetting, it's also that feeling that you cannot do anything because I'm watching it but if I were to say anything she would say, 'Don't worry mum, don't worry'. She would always apologise bless her, whenever she was drinking she'd be saying, 'I'm sorry mommy, I'm sorry mommy, I hope you don't mind.'"

Janis too had her own health worries. She has the debilitating condition multiple sclerosis but she admitted she held back from telling her famous daughter how she was feeling when she saw her.

"As a mother I stepped back, didn't want to worry her, I never wanted to worry her," she explained.

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