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Friday 18 April 2014

Anderson: I've fallen off US radar

Gillian Anderson is based in the UK

Gillian Anderson has revealed people in America think she's stopped acting.

The 44-year-old actress starred as Dana Scully in hit TV US series The X-Files from 1993 to 2002 but now lives in the UK with her teenage daughter and two young sons aged six and five.

Gillian has continued her career in the UK starring in films and TV dramas including Great Expectations, The Crimson Petal And The White and Bleak House. She will next appear in new BBC crime drama The Fall as police investigator Stella Gibbons.

She revealed "Whenever I do go back, there might be some who know I do other things than Scully, but the fact is how much of this stuff airs for the masses?

"I get people going 'So what have you been up to?' I'm not really on the big screen over there and a lot of the small screen things they might not have seen."

Gillian is also appearing in new US crime drama Hannibal which stars Mads Mikkelsen as Dr Hannibal Lecter.

"They're selling it as my return to television after 10 years away!" she revealed.

Gillian plans everything around her children, and has turned down roles on top TV shows. She revealed: "I'm very picky about dates and the kids are the most important thing. If it's something I want to do but it takes too much time away, then I'll decide not to.

"My daughter always says, 'God mum!' Game Of Thrones, Downton Abbey or whatever it is. She cannot believe I've turned things down that she loves to watch. But if I'm going to spend that amount of time then I'd prefer to be working with Scorsese, do you know what I mean?"

:: The Fall begins on BBC One on Monday, May 13.

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