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Anderson’s ‘sexist’ ad banned

Pamela Anderson’s television ad for Deamscape Networks has been banned from airing in the UK before 9 p.m. after it was deemed “degrading to women”.

The former Baywatch actress stars in the commercial for Dreamscape Networks.

She is seen in the one-minute clip conducting a meeting attended exclusively by male colleagues while wearing a low-cut blouse baring her cleavage.

Her assistant pours cream into her coffee and a colleague is then depicted fantasising about the women pouring cream over each other and writhing around in gold bikinis in slow motion.

According to UK newspaper The Mirror, the Advertising Standards Authority has pulled the ad from airwaves before 9 p.m. after deeming it “sexist and degrading to women”.

The watchdog group said the male’s fantasy “gave the impression that he viewed his female colleagues as sexual objects”, according to the news outlet.

“Because of that, we considered the ad was likely to cause serious offence to some viewers on the basis that it was sexist and degrading to women,” said the ASA.

The ruling was made after the ASA fielded several complaints from viewers.

Executives at Dreamscape have defended the commercial.

A spokesperson said the ad was intended to portray both actresses as “attractive, dynamic and confident business people”.

Pamela has yet to issue a public comment in regards to the clip.

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