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Andie MacDowell: We influence kids

Andie MacDowell has always tried to be a positive role model for her kids.

The actress has kids Justin, Rainey and Sarah with her ex-husband Paul Qualley.

She's always made a conscious effort to be healthy around her brood, as she thinks this will benefit them in their own lives.

"You automatically influence your children via your way of life," she explained to German magazine Closer.

"Both of my daughters love sport as much as I do and eat very well, because I always have done."

Rainey and Sarah are both classically trained dancers and Andie believes they automatically pick up health and beauty tips from her.

Another way the 55-year-old keeps fit is with the help of Anusara yoga.

"With this type of yoga, it's all about opening your heart and being a good person," she said.

"I think that these factors play an important part when it comes to looking good on the outside."

Since starting a family, Andie has starred in films such as Groundhog Day and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Despite always wanting to influence her kids in a positive way, she admits her career hasn't always been easy for her family.

"My husband and my children had to make many sacrifices," she previously confessed to German magazine MYWAY.

"After that, I turned down a lot of work, because I realised my children have to come first. Everyone needs to figure out for themselves if fame and work is as important as friends and family to them."

The actress currently stars in TV shoe Cedar Cove, with the second series set to premiere in July.

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