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Andrew Garfield serious about acting

Andrew Garfield will continue acting "for better or worse" as it's his dream job.

The actor is currently making waves in Hollywood and is starring in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Andrew realises how lucky he is to have made his mark in the fickle film industry, but knows he'd be acting regardless of his popularity and success.

"It's such a double edged sword because I'm so lucky to be doing things that I love and care about, and acting for a living is a f**king hard thing to achieve - I don't take it lightly," he told Nylon Guys magazine.

"For better or worse, and whether people like it or not, I feel like I'm in the right job."

Andrew admits that he is more than content with how his life is. The 28-year-old hunk - who is dating his co-star Emma Stone - feels lucky to have a job he is passionate about.

"Right this minute? Yeah! I love reminding myself that I am doing something that I esteem so much, that I see as important, and necessary. And yes, I'm proud that I worked hard: yes, I'm proud that I care about the things that I care about, and I treat people the way I treat people, and I fight for the things that mean something to me," he said when asked if he was happy.

"That question about happiness is the most important one of all. Because I do understand now that there is no such thing as 'top of the mountain'.

"Beyond these mountains are more mountains. It is just what it is. It will never fill you up: chasing success, chasing achievement."

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