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Andrew Garfield: Society’s financial system serves no one

Andrew Garfield is convinced “everyone is terrified” of going hungry.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Andrew Garfield feels “the instability of this financial system” does not serve any member of society.

In his new movie 99 Homes, the 32-year-old actor portrays single father Dennis Nash. After being evicted from his family home, Dennis goes back to work for the greedy real estate businessman who cost him his house in a desperate bid to win the property back.

The timely plot tells the story of many people who had their homes foreclosed due to the housing bubble financial crisis that contributed to America’s 2008 recession. And Andrew is convinced our society has money all wrong.

"I felt the instability of this financial system in my own life and in my family life," he told USA Today. "Everyone is terrified of losing what they already have or not being able to put enough food on the table to survive. That's what I see.

"Everyone's right. And everyone's wrong. There are no good guys and bad guys. I would argue that the bad guys are everyone. We're all participating in a system that doesn't serve anybody."

While preparing for his role in 99 Homes, which is set near Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, Andrew spoke to people who have experienced similar tragedy.

And the thespian discovered many folks found themselves in moral grey areas after the housing collapse took place.

"I met a guy in Home Depot who had the very experience that Dennis has — he was evicted and he became the evictor," Andrew shared. "And he ended up having to evict one of his closest friends out of his apartment with his mother."

Ramin Bahrani, who directed 99 Homes, believes the film’s Orlando location is particularly poignant.

The filmmaker finds it odd that this common American story does not often grab mainstream news headlines.

"In the shadow of Disney, you have these motels where very normal families — Mum, Dad and kids — are living in hotels populated by migrant day labourers, prostitutes and gang members," Ramin noted.

99 Homes, which also stars Laura Dern and Michael Shannon, reaches US theatres on 25 September (15).

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