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Andrew Garfield's childhood money pressure

Andrew Garfield’s dad was frightened when he announced he wanted to be an actor.

The 32-year-old actor was born in Los Angeles to American father Richard and British mother Lynn, before the clan relocated to Surrey, UK, where he grew up.

Andrew has now made it in the world of showbiz thanks to roles in flicks such as The Amazing Spider-Man and The Social Network, but it’s his latest film 99 Homes which hits a personal note for the star. It’s about a father who struggles to get back his family home after they’re evicted.

“When [my dad] was an entrepreneur, in the house, we all felt – including him – a tension and pressure,” Andrew explained to Total Film. “[During filming] I asked him about the period of our lives when we were going through financial difficulty. It was very emotional for us both to talk about.”

Andrew originally didn’t have confidence that he’d become a performer: when he was younger he took a business studies module as a backup option. However he admits he was “allergic” to doing anything else other than acting, despite knowing how hard it was to break out into the industry.

”I think I was probably drawn into a field where it was very unlikely I would make any money, and be able to support myself,” he explained. “Of course my dad was frightened of that. Like all parents or guardians – they just want you to thrive in the particular society we’re born into.”

So it was a huge surprise for him when he landed the part of the Marvel web-slinging superhero in the 2012 movie. Although he’s now departed from the franchise, with newcomer Tom Holland taking over, Andrew still feels lost for words at the opportunity.

“I think I’m still processing it,” he smiled.

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