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Angelina Jolie: Brad spoils daughters

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's daughters walk "all over" him, the actress has laughed.

The engaged couple have six children together - Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne.

The 37-year-old says she and Brad take on different roles when it comes to raising their brood.

"He is more lenient on the girls, and I am more lenient on the boys," she explained to the latest edition of British magazine OK!

"We can't figure out why that is. Maybe it's because I know women. It's Freudian. I see them and I recognise them - I know what you are doing. So I think the girls will walk all over Daddy and he is going to love it!"

The high-profile couple have very busy schedules as two of Hollywood's best-known stars.

However, they manage to co-ordinate their acting and charity work to ensure one of them is always with their children.

"When he [Brad] is shooting a film, I am not filming and I'm home and I'm just focusing on the kids and on occasion I take trips and do my UN work," Angelina revealed.

"Then when I'm working, he does the same."

During the festive season, the stunning actress and 48-year-old Brad want to make sure their kids have a holiday to remember.

Despite being able to afford the most expensive gifts, Angelina believes experiencing the world is more important for their offspring.

"I love to travel in the holidays, because I feel like I'd rather give the kids the gift of a new country than a box of presents. But I still give them some presents!" she laughed.

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