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Angelina Jolie visits Colombia

Angelina Jolie went on an ambassadorial tour of Colombia Sunday.

The actress was assigned a new post on the United Nations High Commission for Refugees Special Envoy last week.

Radar Online reports that Angelina visited the village of Barranca Bermeja along the San Miguel River between Ecuador and Colombia as part of her UNHCR obligations.

The gorgeous humanitarian spoke to several people in the village, which is composed of 50 families, most of which are Colombian refugees.

She took copious notes as she spoke to a 71-year-old woman.

Angelina wore all black and donned rubber boots to deal with the mud in the irriguous terrain.

The star managed to squeeze in pleasure during the visit, as she took a tour of the nearby Galapagos Islands with fiancé Brad Pitt and their six children.

The family were seen on a local tour bus before getting on a ferry to the islands, which are famous for being where scientist Charles Darwin worked on his evolutionary theories.

The park is also protected by the United Nations as a World Heritage site.

Angelina was formerly UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, a position she was appointed in 2001.

Angelina and Brad confirmed they are getting married earlier this month.

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