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Angelina: Stay true to yourself

Angelina Jolie thinks it's important to "be all sides of yourself".

The actress is currently promoting Disney movie Maleficent and raises six children with her fiancé Brad Pitt.

Coupled with her humanitarian work, the 38-year-old seems like the picture of wholesome motherliness. However, she's also had a wilder past, which included an intense marriage to Billy Bob Thornton, during which they wore vessels of each other's blood around their necks.

Angelina can now look back on her early life with no regrets.

"I like her," she smiled to British newspaper Metro when asked what she thinks of her 20-something self.

"You have to be all sides of yourself to grow into the person you are. Growing up public, I may have seemed many things to many people but I don't think I was ever a bad person."

With her busy career and family life, the star has little time to relax. These days her biggest vice is that she can't sit still.

"I just don't know how to do nothing," she admitted. "Especially as a mother, I always feel I have to do something.

"I joke that when I go into the field - where was I, Libya or somewhere? - that I remember thinking, 'Oh, it's quiet!' Because, oddly, when I go into a war zone, it is my time to reflect on life. I say that not because it is peaceful but because it is very soul-enriching and kind of still."

Angelina and Brad are very private about their relationship and family. Their star status means they are constantly in the public eye, but the actress insists their lives aren't as spectacular as people might think.

"I think the press make it seem like I live in a certain kind of world but that is not the life I have made for myself," she explained.

"It is an unusual life. But I wake up as a mom, I read the paper, I get on the phone and I learn what is going on with the UNHCR [UN Refugee Agency], then I go to work. Most of my work deals with issues I believe in, though sometimes it is pure entertainment, like Maleficent."

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