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Angelina: We’re not alone

Angelina Jolie has opened up about her beliefs, admitting she thinks we are united by “something greater than all of us”.

The 37-year-old actress discussed her beliefs during an interview to promote her new directorial offering Unbroken.

The film tells the real life story of POW Louis Zamperini and his journey of survival.

And mother-of-six Angelina said that Louis’ tale made her re-evaluate her feelings on life.

Asked what she had learned from working alongside the veteran before his death earlier this year, Angelina told “When there is an obstacle, you have to rise to the challenge, not be overwhelmed by it. And we're not alone in the world.

"I don't know if there's a name for that – religion or faith – just that there's something greater than all of us, and it's uniting and beautiful."

The movie, which stars Jack O’Connell in the lead role, features a number of scenes from his two years in a Japanese prisoner of war camp. It required the actors to appear famished but instead of rubbing their face in it by gorging on food behind the camera, director Angelina joined them in solidarity.

“She came on set every day giving the actors advice and actually didn’t eat much,” Jack told recently. “She was so thin because most of the actors were not able to eat as they play inmates in the prison camp. So she was so close to us. I really respect her professionalism, her attitude to the creation. She’s so determined and passionate. It was intense on set but with her motivation and attitude we were on the same page.”

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