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Friday 18 April 2014

Aniston revels in raunchiest role

Jennifer Aniston wasn't worried about the revealing scenes in the film

Jennifer Aniston showed off a dominatrix-style look as she promoted her raunchiest movie to date.

The actress - best known for her years as girl-next-door Rachel in TV hit Friends - dazzled in a leather-look black mini-dress and studded, strappy stilettos.

The 42-year-old was in London ahead of the premiere of her new film Horrible Bosses in which she plays a woman with a voracious sexual appetite.

In the film she appears at one stage dressed in just lingerie to play a dentist who sexually harasses her assistant, portrayed by Charlie Day.

And she said she had no second thoughts about playing such a naughty role.

"That was the fun of it, how far it went," she said. "I really went for it the whole entire movie. It's very vulgar and very rude but that's what's fantastic about being able to do something like that because it's so outrageous, it's limitless. So you just get to have complete abandon and no worry if you're being inappropriate at all."

Speaking at a press conference at the Dorchester Hotel, she added: "I have never come across anyone like her so it was pretty much just going into my own dark imagination and seeing what I could come up with."

Jennifer - who co-stars with Kevin Spacey in the film - showed off a recent tattoo on her foot as she donned her heels. She had the name of her late pet dog Norman on the instep of her right foot.

The actress, who will appear at the film's premiere at the BFI Southbank this evening, said her fitness regime meant she had no worries about stripping for the role.

"I think if you keep in good health and good shape then those scenes don't terrify you so much," she said.

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