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Aniston ‘surprised by Theroux’

Jennifer Aniston supposedly received a sweet shock visit from her fiancé Justin Theroux.

The Friends star was busy working on a photo shoot Monday with her Living Proof business partner Chris McMillan.

And Justin is said to have crashed the set in an effort to show his future wife some love.

"Justin actually showed up as a surprise to Jen," an insider told Us Weekly. "He turned up a couple of hours into the shoot. She was nearing the end of the shoot when he snuck in to say 'Hi.'

"She clearly wasn't expecting to see Justin because she squealed when he showed up. They hugged and he gave her a kiss and then he watched the end of the job."

This loving story directly combats speculation the couple may be on the rocks.

They met while filming of their comedy movie Wanderlust and announced their engagement in August 2012, when Justin proposed to her on his birthday.

And recent reports suggest they haven’t married yet because he simply doesn’t think it’s necessary.

"In theory, he would love nothing better than to marry Jennifer. In practice, he worries that if they go for the big white wedding, with all the pressure that entails, they're going to jinx what they've got,” a source told British magazine Grazia.

Justin spoke about his engagement with Jennifer recently, noting that tabloids simply don’t honour the true reality of their relationship.

“I can’t get over how terrible the narrative is, just how poorly written it is. It’s worse than a telenovela,” he balked to the US edition of Elle magazine.

“It’s so dramatic. Like, ‘They’re broken up, they’re together, they’re storming out, storming in, rushing out, rushing in.’ They make every celebrity look like a schizophrenic.”

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