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Aniston’s movie ‘bible’

Jennifer Aniston discusses how she prepares for roles.

The actress stars in director Daniel Schechter’s Life of Crime, the big screen adaptation of Elmore Leonard novel The Switch.

And she admits the film required her to do an intense amount of research before she arrived on set, resulting in a compilation of notes she couldn’t be without.

“I usually do a good lengthy preparation before we even shoot,” she told Collider. “So I have a little bible that I can jet go to the scene and remember my notes and I have access to that - so it’s about being prepared before you even walk onto set the first day,” she explained.

It took very little convincing for the former Friends star to sign onto the project.

Jennifer said she was “immediately intrigued” by Daniel’s adaptation, and was thrilled she had the opportunity to switch gears from her usual roles.

“I love all the jobs I get to do. The big comedies, they’re great,” she insisted, explaining, “But then those allow you to have those diversions and have these experiences with great material with great actors and great characters.”

Jennifer shares the screen with Mos Def, Isla Fisher, Will Forte and Tim Robbins in the comedy.

And while she was working with a cast of A-listers, the star admitted nailing scenes in one take isn’t always attainable goal.

“It honestly depends on me that day,” she said of how her mood can affect her work. “Sometimes it’s two, three [takes] - let’s hit the road, we got it. And sometimes it’s, you know, eight, ten and well, we got it on the first. You want to try different things,” she explained.

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