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Anjelica Huston: I wanted to be a nun

Anjelica Huston "longed to be indoctrinated" into the Catholic church as a youth.

The 60-year-old actress was born in California, but spent nearly 15 years of her life in the Irish countryside.

Studying in the pious nation was an experience for Anjelica, as her Hollywood legend father, actor and director John Huston, didn't believe in God.

"I went to a convent school where I was a bit of a peculiarity because my father, who was an atheist, told the nuns I was not to be indoctrinated," Anjelica revealed to British newspaper The Independent.

"But I longed to be indoctrinated. I'd put my mother's old tutus on my head and pretend I was at my First Communion. When I was six, I told my father I wanted to be a nun and he said: 'That's wonderful, honey. When are you going to start?' "

As Anjelica matured, her attention began to drift to love and relationships.

The actress was involved with actor Jack Nicholson for 17 years of her life and was instantly attracted to him when they first met.

"I was invited [to a party in 1973] by my then stepmother, Cici," Anjelica recalled.

"The door opened and Jack's grinning face presented itself to me and I thought: 'Ah, I like you'. I was always attracted to bad boys, cool boys. Actors, musicians, those kind of guys."

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