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Anjelica Huston pranked Raul Julia following eyeball incident

Anjelica Huston found herself face to face with her The Addams Family co-star's "dangling eyeball".

Anjelica Huston turned actor Raul Julia's frightening medical issue into a laughing matter after her The Addams Family co-star's eyeball suddenly fell out of his head.

The Puerto Rican star and veteran actress played iconic husband-and-wife team of Gomez and Morticia Addams in two feature films in the 1990s, but one unexpected incident in Los Angeles was a story Anjelica will never forget.

"Raul had a funny thing happen to him," she told U.S. chat show The Talk. "He was sitting in a bar late one night with, I believe the musician Robert Palmer, after work. He rubbed his eye (above the eyebrow) and his eyeball fell out. I'm telling you. I think he had a thyroid condition or something. His actual eyeball."

Anjelica added that Raul was able to go to set the next day despite his shocking injury, saying the eye was "so red and bloodshot, you couldn't believe it."

But Anjelica decided to keep morale high on set by pulling a prank on her beloved co-star, and recalled, "As soon as I got back to my trailer, I called up the nearest joke shop on Hollywood Boulevard and said, "Do you have those fake dangling eyeballs?' I bought out the shop. So the next day, everyone on set had these fake eyeballs coming out of their head."

Raul passed away in 1994 due to complications from a stroke.

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