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Anna Camp praises Pitch Perfect

Anna Camp thinks the original Pitch Perfect will always be the best.

The actress starred alongside Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow in the 2012 musical hit and the sequel is set to hit cinemas next year.

Filming has just wrapped and while the 31-year-old is happy with the finished product, she's not sure it will be as good as the original.

"The first one for me can't be topped. There was just something super special about making it," she admitted to Refinery 29.

"This one was definitely a different movie. A different director directed this one. It's a totally new vibe - but it's really awesome. I think people are going to really love the movie."

Pitch Perfect is about a group of acapella singers, meaning Anna and her co-stars had to be prepared to belt out some tunes as well as act.

Rehearsing moves was also on the agenda, which wasn't a big deal for the blonde star.

"The dancing is easy, actually, for me. I went to the School of the Arts in North Carolina, and I took a lot of dance classes there - a lot of tap, a lot of jazz. I love dancing," she smiled.

"We had an amazing choreographer named Aakomon Jones - he actually choreographed the second movie as well. He had a lot of patience with us!"

Now that the sequel has wrapped, Anna can concentrate on promoting the final series of True Blood, in which she plays Sarah Newlin. There was one person on the set of the vampire series who really made her laugh.

"Michael McMillian, who plays my ex-husband on True Blood. He's hilarious. I've lost it a few times during takes thanks to him," she grinned.

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