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Anna Faris: Grant invoked British appeal

Anna Faris always thought she'd marry a British man because she "fell in love" with Hugh Grant.

The star is happily married to actor Chris Pratt and is expecting their first baby. She is due to start shooting her new movie I Give It a Year in London, UK, soon and has joked it's a shame she is already committed to someone.

"Too bad I'm married, because I could have found my British man there," she laughed. "I always thought I'd marry a British man. I think I fell in love with Hugh Grant: that moppy hair, the sheepish smile."

Anna was previously betrothed to Ben Indra who she met in 1999 before her career took off. She filed for divorce in 2007 and it's been suggested her growing fame coupled with his struggle for the same level of success contributed to the split.

The actress remains philosophical about the breakup.

"This industry is really difficult for relationships because you do spend so much time away from home. I think we just grew apart," she told British newspaper The Telegraph.

"I felt like a crazy person [after the split]. It was a huge shift in my life. I had some very sweet friends who were patient enough to stick by me."

The 35-year-old star has famously light blonde hair, which she thinks has helped her comedy career. She's used to people being surprised she has opinions and a depth of knowledge when they first meet her.

"If I was a very serious dramatic actress with black hair and glasses, people might say, 'She's not quite as bright as I thought she was going to be,'" Anna giggled.

"For a while I was tired of people assuming that maybe I was not very intelligent. I felt I had to do dramatic roles to prove them wrong. But as I get older I'm not sure I need to do that I enjoy playing these kinds of characters, and actually I love being blonde."

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