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Anna Faris: I’m not that funny

Anna Faris thinks her husband Chris Pratt is a funny guy, but thinks she has the upper hand when it comes to comedy.

The American actress is synonymous with funny roles and shot to fame playing ditzy Cindy Campbell in the horror spoof Scary Movie films.

However in real life Anna confesses that gags aren't her forte.

"I don't even know how to tell a joke well," Anna laughed to British magazine Grazia. "[But doing comedy] made me a happier person."

Anna is married to Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt, who's also known for playing jokey characters on screen.

When quizzed on who's funnier, Anna couldn't make up her mind.

"Oh golly. Chris is a really funny guy. We both started out playing very stupid people and there's something interesting in that. I hope people's impressions are that we're jovial. They probably have low expectations anyway.

"I'm funnier," she added with a giggle.

Anna and Chris are the proud parents of son Jack, two, but Anna worried her career was over after she gave birth.

However her talents were called upon for TV show Mom, which is now in its second season.

"After I had my baby when I was 36, I was like, 'Is my run over?' My husband's career was going crazy and I was, like, ‘Maybe I'll try and do some writing... then I can be at home with my son.’ That's when Mom came along," she revealed.

Mom co-stars Allison Janney, 54, and focuses on Anna's character Christy, who's trying to pull her life together after newly becoming a sober single mom.

The subject matter and storylines is what sets the series apart from other TV shows, says Anna.

"Our show has two women who aren't young. That's remarkable in itself. We were doing this scene where Allison and I are in the car with Octavia Spencer and Mimi Kennedy, and it was like, we're not talking about boys. We're talking about driving Octavia to jail. When was the last time this happened? Four women, over 30, in a car, not talking about boys," she explained.

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