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Anna Faris: Second pregnancy would be tricky

Anna Faris wishes women didn't have to be concerned with a biological clock.

The 38-year-old actress and her husband Chris Pratt welcomed their son Jack into the world in August 2012, when he was born nine weeks premature. He has grown up to be a strong little boy, but the experience has made the prospect of another child difficult for Anna.

"We want to, very much so, but it will definitely be a whole new complication because now I’m, like, a high-risk pregnancy, so it requires some different monitoring,” she told Health magazine.

“My doctor’s like, ‘I don’t think you’ll have to be on bed rest the whole time.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m on a show.’

“I wish we didn’t have this biological clock. I’m thinking we have to start talking about [having more kids], looking at all kinds of options.”

Jack's birth was a stressful experience for Anna, so some of the things women worry about when they are new mothers didn't compute with her. For example she was quizzed on whether she felt pressured to be get back into shape, but said that wasn't even on her radar.

She can understand why other women feel that way though, revealing how the subject of weight is often raised in Hollywood.

"One of the great things about [TV show] Mom is that when we did the pilot, I was a little heavier than maybe I would’ve liked, but I never felt any pressure from [creator] Chuck Lorre or CBS to be fit," she explained. "Sometimes, studios are kind of delicate the way they approach that. They’ll say, ‘We got you a gym membership,’ or, ‘We’re gonna pay for your trainer.’ And you’re like, ‘OK... I guess that means they want me to lose weight.’”

Many celebrities have spoken out about the paparazzi over the last year or so, with Halle Berry among those who wants stricter rules in the US. It's lead to many news sites agreeing not to publish photographs of stars' children.

Although Anna doesn't relish being followed around by photographers, she is more laid back than some. She understands that for many paparazzi it's just a job - although she hates being pictured on certain occasions.

"I mostly feel scared just going out without make-up on. But at the same time, I don’t want it to force a lifestyle change," she laughed. "Some people I work with wish that I would start dressing nicer. They’re like, ‘Can you please not wear sweatpants everywhere you go?’"

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